How It Works

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Mildew Inhibitor is a new approach to microbial control. Upon initial contact with the surface, and after application and allowing surface to dry, Mildew Inhibitor inhibits organism reproduction and growth. Mildew Inhibitor does not KILL Mold, bacteria and fungus! National Wash Authority KILLS the mold, bacteria, and fungus! Mildew Inhibitor DISABLES mold, bacteria, and fungus by preventing it from growing and reproducing.

How does Mildew Inhibitor work?

Mildew Inhibitor reduces the ability for microbes (bacteria, mold, fungus) to reproduce. It does so by interfering with the formation of a biofilm. Bacteria replicate every 20 minutes in perfect conditions. 1 cell can become 16,777.216 in 8 hours. Microbes reproduce by division. In order to reproduce, the microbes need to affix to a surface and form a Calyx. Once attached, they can reproduce by budding/vegetative growth. Mildew Inhibitor prevents attachment to the surface; thus, the microbe can not exert enough “force” to permit budding. With reproduction eliminated, the age of the colony increases as does it’s vulnerability to chemical controls, magnifying their efficiency and completing the sanitation process.

The Benefits of Mildew Inhibitor:

Environmentally friendly (Biodegradable), contains no heavy metals, no arsenic, arsenate, cyanide, mercury or other toxic chemicals, and battles a large assortment of bacteria, fungi and mold, all of which CANNOT build resistance to Mildew Inhibitor.

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